Sunday’s Suggestions 20

We’ve managed to make it to our 20th edition of Sunday’s Suggestions, which is an achievement in my book because that means 20 Mondays have been and gone and we haven’t blown our brains out. For our 20th edition I’m bringing to your ears Goat Girl. This all-female, London-based 4 piece make great DIY music […]

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Sunday’s Suggestions 19

It’s Sunday evening, which means Monday is just around the corner, but we’re just two more Sundays away from Christmas now, so lets see out the rest of the year with as much good music as possible. Boy Azooga are a Cardiff based band that first caught my eye a couple months ago, just before […]

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The Collab

Collaborations between artists can be a great way for an individual or band to transcend their singular capabilities by bringing in extra ideas, styles and talents. For me there are a few variations on musical collaborations and today I’m going to go through a few of my favourites. The somewhat elusive “collaborative album” can be a […]

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Sunday’s Suggestions 19

I actually thought this past week has been okay and yet I still have exceptionally little hope that tomorrow will bring anything other than misery. Anyway, let’s listen to some tunes. Self-described ‘Psychedelic pop/soul’ duo Feng Suave are my suggestion for you this week. Combining pristine vocals with reverb drenched guitars, Feng Suave beautifully marry funky […]

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Being Prolific Pays

In some ways saying that being prolific is a good thing seems like an insanely obvious thing to say, but in a world where bands can wait years to release a debut LP, then a couple year between each album some might argue that the release cycle is slowing down. When looking back to the […]

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Bands Who Changed Their Style

Evolution is natural in all aspects of life, striving for to progress and improve and that progression is rarely more noticeable than in the case of music. Sometimes bands who have changed style have gone on to be far more successful, but on other occasions this change hasn’t sat well with fans, today I want […]

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