The Music Community

Bloom is a premise built on a love for discussion and community in music. There’s undoubtedly a lot of crazy, terrible shit going on in the world right now, but that idea of community in music seems to be the antithesis to “Brexit-Britain” and “divided America”. Whilst division seems to have been on the minds […]

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Sunday’s Suggestions 09

Time for another Sunday’s Suggestions ladies and gents. Without dwelling on the fact that Monday is tomorrow and the week is about to go downhill, lets crack on with this weeks suggestions. My suggestion for you this week is Seattle garage-rockers¬†Night Beats.¬†Taking influences from R&B (proper R&B of course) to psychedelia and good old fashioned […]

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Best Line Ever

Going for another big one here, choosing the single best line of any song ever. This is without doubt the most ridiculously vast topic we’ve covered on Bloom, but why the hell not? I’m just going to choose one for you today and hopefully you guys can come back with some of your favourite lines […]

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Sunday’s Suggestions 08

The weeks over, feels very much like Autumn is here now with the miserable weather we’ve had in the UK over the weekend, so the prospect of a Monday tomorrow is even bleaker, guess that means it’s time for another Sunday’s Suggestions. Ulrika Spacek are a band I mentioned in pretty much my very first […]

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Best Time of Year For Gigs

Festival season is all but over, but that means that bands are back hitting our local venues in force, which begs the question, is this the best time of year for gigs? I’m based near Bristol in the UK and looking at the upcoming gigs over the next couple of months is super exciting, with […]

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Sunday’s Suggestions 07

We’ve unfortunately come to the end of the week again, but as one redeeming quality, that means we can take the time to enjoy another band or two that you might not have before with this week’s Sunday’s Suggestions. I mentioned last week they may feature on an upcoming post on Sunday’s Suggestions and this […]

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