The Replay Factor

For what feels like the 20th weekend in a row, my Mother is blaring Barry Manilow’s greatest hits downstairs, which got me thinking, why God? Why? But it also made me think, are there any albums that you never get sick of listening to? Often, the very best albums are ones where you keep picking […]

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The Power Trio

With this post I want to celebrate “The Power Trio”, bands who have made their name as a three piece, traditionally of guitar, bass and drums. The “Power Trio” label was once reserved for Rock and Roll bands, however, it has gone on to be more generally applied to any 3-piece. There have been so […]

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Worst Gig Experiences

Going and watching live music is one of my favourite things to do, but like most people I’ve been to shows which have not been great, for many different reasons. Today I want to chat about the worst experiences at gigs. A gig can be bad for loads of reasons, sometimes it isn’t even anything […]

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