Bands Everybody Hates

There are just some bands that pretty much everybody seems to hate, today I want to have a look at a couple of these bands and go through some of the reasons why they might have this hatred attached to them.

Nickelback, let’s kick off here, because where else would we start. Obviously saying everybody hates them is a bit over the top, because they still sell out huge tours, shift thousands of copies of their albums, but I think it’s fair to say they’re not the most beloved band working right now.

In part, this is probably due to lead singer Chad Kroeger being so disliked individually, you’ve only got to look at this ongoing “beef” with Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour, even Taylor admitting that the rest of the band are totally fine but naming Kroeger “Captain Douche”, a superhero mantle I seriously believe Kroeger should adopt.

I’ve recently revisited “Here and Now”, the band’s 2011 release, and I was kind of surprised at what I found having not heard it for so long. Though there are a number of songs that are clearly written for the mainstream market that are more accessible and easier on the ears, I was surprised that the majority of the album is comprised of big, chugging riffs, most of which were fairly satisfying to listen to.

Don’t get me wrong the production on the entire album is crystal clear, to the point that it doesn’t capture any of the rock aesthetic that I find particularly satisfying on record, but it’s certainly listenable. The area that lets the album down the most is definitely the lyrics. There are far too many references about drinking whiskey and girls and rocking, which I find both lazy and cringey.

Nickelback are undoubtedly a product of their audience, which is probably why they keep writing about the things they do, it’s not hard to imagine an Nickelback audience cheering at every mention of whiskey. At heart I believe Nickelback do want to be a “proper heavy rock band”, listening through their albums it is the singles in particular that have this pop-factor to them and with their recent releases, even the singles have gone against that grain, such as ‘Feed The Machine’ found below. So perhaps Nickelback feel trapped into making this pop-rock music for the mainstream when in actual fact they want to release something altogether more raucous? And maybe that indecision by Nickelback about what kind of band they actually want to be is one of the reasons people can’t gel with them?

Next up I want to head towards Nu-Metal and Limp Bizkit. There are more than a few reasons to dislike Limp Bizkit, chief among which is that Fred Durst is a creepy weirdo, who has had his run-ins with a number of notable figures in the music industry including Eminem and (like Chad Kroeger) Corey Taylor (anybody else starting to wonder if he is the problem?).

Aside from ‘Rollin” most people might not even know much of their back catalogue, and perhaps that is for the best, much of it is juvenile and with little depth, however there are some things that are worth listening out for. The most redeeming of which is, without question, guitarist Wes Borland (although DJ Lethal is also great). Whether you are a fan of Rap-Metal or not, the riffs that Borland came up with are low, filthy and rocking. Borland has become somewhat of a cult icon, offering up a unique style in an industry saturated with copycat guitarists with no real style of their own. Though a ridiculously bold statement to make, I believe Borland is one of the truly original guitarists of his era.

For somebody who thinks Limp Bizkit are a one trick pony, I’d urge you to check out their cover of The Who’s, ‘Behind Blue Eyes’, their contribution to the fantastic(ly shit) psychological horror film Gothika, which is a pretty excellent demonstration of what the band and perhaps more significantly Fred Durst are capable of. It’s not all backwards-caps and shouting, they might just have a bit of talent.

Limp Bizkit will probably always be thought of as just one band amongst the late 90s – early 2000s influx of Nu-Metal and when your contemporaries are Linkin Park, and they’re doing the rap-metal thing so much better, you’re bound to be viewed as a lesser band.

Whether either Limp Bizkit or Nickelback are ever likely to become more celebrated again is debatable, nobody thought that the ‘Star Wars’ Prequels could ever be loved, but here we are well over a decade later and even the most hardcore of nerds are starting to accept them. Perhaps that is what will happen with this pair of bands then? They won’t necessarily be beloved, but they might finally be accepted.

Those are just two of my picks for bands everybody hates, but there are so many more and I wasn’t exactly original with my choices, so please let us know bands who you think everybody hates and why you think they hate them, leave your posts in the comments below, or over on our twitter page. For any suggestions for upcoming articles or to write one of your own, head over to our contact page or drop us a line at


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