Sunday’s Suggestions 02

It’s that time of the week again, that horrible moment where you realise it’s just hours away until Monday morning. But what it also means is that it’s time for the second edition of Sunday’s Suggestions.

Our first suggestion this week comes from Aaron Cooper-

I’d like to suggest the artist Kyle Craft. I saw him live at a small gig in Portland, Oregon and since then I e been hooked. Channeling early Bob Dylan, Craft brings that music to a modern audience. Lovely stuff.

As the second suggestion this week I’d like to mention the band Cloakroom, a shoegaze band from Indiana. I really like these guys because of the innate rawness to their sound, for me they do shoegaze right. There are so many bands out there doing jangly, shoegaze-inspired tunes, which I have a lot of time for, but Cloakroom take it back to the sounds of My Bloody Valentine and co with a sound that is more unrefined, all with just three members. Cloakroom aren’t what you’d call an easy listen and they don’t exactly make jolly or upbeat music, but if you’re in the mood for something a little bit more miserable (perfect for a Sunday afternoon), they could be the right band for you. Their 2nd full-length ‘Time Well’ is due out on the 18th of this month and having heard the early releases from it, it’s going to be worth a listen.


That’s a couple of suggestions for you guys on this Sunday evening, get in touch any time across the week via our contact form or on twitter to leave your suggestions for next weekend and maybe introduce one of your favourite bands to our readers. This week we will be featuring articles on tracks that have to be played loud and some of the greatest movie soundtracks so keep your eyes peeled for those.


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