Sunday’s Suggestions 01

Today I want to bring in a new type of post that I hope we can do every Sunday. One of the key parts of Bloom is the idea of people speaking freely about music and maybe introducing others to some different ideas and hopefully some new music too. So that’s what I wanted to do with this section, bring in a weekly post that will hopefully introduce some new music to people. By new music I don’t necessarily mean a “new” band (although that’s also totally fine of course), but perhaps somebody who you think is a little under the radar who you think people should hear about.

If there is anybody that you think should be on Sunday’s Suggestions and that you think people would enjoy, why not send your suggestion over via our contact form with a paragraph (or a little more, but try and keep it to a sensible length) and every Sunday, I hope we can get as many up as possible.

To kick us off I am suggesting that you should check out The Bros. Landreth. These guys are a country band from Canada, but they’ve grown a decent following over here in the UK too. They’re all virtuoso musicians who really know their stuff, particularly the guitarists Ariel Posen and Joey Landreth, who are exceptional slide-guitar players, but what else I love is some of their vocal harmonies, as many as 4 parts at times. By no means are they reinventing the wheel, but they just make really damn nice music and to top that off they also seem like really cool dudes. It’s not going to do it for everybody, especially if you’re not a country fan, but if you are in the mood for something which is an enjoyable, easy listen, these guys might just be right for you.

I came across them after following the Andertons Music Store Youtube Channel and they turned up on a couple of their shows and I’ve been a fan ever since, I hope that you guys enjoy them too.

I’m looking forward to hearing your suggestions for the coming weeks guys, send them over any time throughout the week and they’ll be up next Sunday.


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