Sunday’s Suggestions 42

Howdy gang, hope everybody has had a great weekend and is ready for some tasty jams. In a few weeks time I’m heading into Bristol for ‘Psych Fest‘ and today’s band is one of the most exciting names on the list. Stonefield are an all-female Australian band who kind of sit somewhere between Desert and […]

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Sunday’s Suggestions 41

Another heavy weekend has come and is heading on it’s merry way, so lets wind it on down with some music courtesy of Cautious Clay. I’m really interested by this guy, his music is filled with soul but with a contemporary edge that really fits in with the modern music climate, without pandering to mainstream. […]

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Sunday’s Suggestions 40

This week I thought it would be appropriate to have something suitable for the weather on this fine Bank Holiday. Field Medic hit’s the nail on the head. Kevin Patrick Sullivan, better known as Field Medic is a lo-fi folk (in the loosest terms) artist who has found his audience through a number of projects, […]

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Sunday’s Suggestions 39

Another pretty good weekend has come and will soon be gone and Monday is upon us, which means sweet jams must also be on the horizon. This week we’ve got some soulful Hip-Hop straight out of California courtesy of Declaim. Declaim has worked with a number of notable artists over a long and illustrious career […]

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Sunday’s Suggestions 38

Despite the UK having a delightful heatwave this week with the sun out and shining, this Sunday lets take things a little darker. The Soft Moon is the project of Luis Vasquez, inspired by genres including Krautrock and Industrial rock, make no mistake, this is some pretty dark music, but that doesn’t mean that there […]

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Sunday’s Suggestions 37

Coming to you a little later this week, but still Sunday nonetheless, so it’s still music time. This week I present to you Launder, the project of guitarist John Cudlip and Jackson Phillips of Day Wave. With help from friends in Soko the acclaimed French singer songwriter and Zachary Cole Smith of DIIV on debut EP ‘Pink Cloud’ […]

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Sunday’s Suggestions 36

Kevin Krauter is one of the members of one of my favourite bands of last year Hoops, who are definitely ones to check out if you haven’t, but rather than living in any kind of shadow of Hoops, Krauter has taken some of the signature tones of Hoops and taken them in a really quite […]

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