Sunday’s Suggestions 03

That time of the week again, pretty much all the fun has been had, Monday is about to roll around and drop-kick you in the face, but Sunday’s Suggestions is here to give you something to listen to to (try and) get you through the week. After my shoegazy suggestion last week, I thought it […]

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Bands Everybody Hates

There are just some bands that pretty much everybody seems to hate, today I want to have a look at a couple of these bands and go through some of the reasons why they might have this hatred attached to them. Nickelback, let’s kick off here, because where else would we start. Obviously saying everybody […]

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Sunday’s Suggestions 02

It’s that time of the week again, that horrible moment where you realise it’s just hours away until Monday morning. But what it also means is that it’s time for the second edition of Sunday’s Suggestions. Our first suggestion this week comes from Aaron Cooper- I’d like to suggest the artist Kyle Craft. I saw […]

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A Good Time To Say Goodbye?

Recently, A Tribe Called Quest have suggested their last two shows in LA and New York would be their last in those places forever. They’ve also made claims to say that their set at Bestival could be their last ever show. Obviously that’s a sad thought, however when is the right time for an artist […]

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The Remix

I love a great remix, sometimes it can take an already awesome song and change it totally, making it even better on some occasions, however sometimes, a remix doesn’t really add anything at all and can even detract from the enjoyment of a song. So today I want to mention just a couple of my […]

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