Sunday’s Suggestions 13

Sunday evening is here which means Monday is on it’s way. Shit. But let’s forget about that for now and listen to some awesome music, hopefully something new and also bringing back one of my old favourites too. Over the past couple of years there have been really popular words for band/song names, ‘Honey’ is […]

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My Favourite Thing About Spotify

DISCLAIMER- Despite this article being about Spotify, any of the other “big” music streaming services could be interchangeable. There are obviously loads of great things about Spotify, a huge library of music at your fingertips, no need to buy loads of CDs or MP3s and countless other positives. There are, of course, negatives too, from […]

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Sunday’s Suggestions 12

Is it just me or are the weekends going by ever faster? I hope, like myself, you had the chance to spend some time with music this weekend, whether that’s watching a live show, listening to the latest Friday release, or just catching up with some old favourites. Hopefully we can bring you some artists […]

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End of The Icons

In the past few years we have lost David Bowie, Prince and most recently Tom Petty (amongst many others), true icons of music, which made me think, is the age of the icon over? In particular within the rock and alternative genres. Defining an “icon” is probably a good place to start. What does it […]

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Sunday’s Suggestions 11

Hope everybody has had a great weekend and aren’t too depressed that Monday is about to drop it’s latest album ‘Fuck You. Go To Work.’ but just incase you are, it’s time for another Sunday’s Suggestions to come around and try and pick you up a bit.

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Goodbye Tom Petty

Tom Petty died on the 2nd September. Following a terrible few years for musical icons dying, this one has probably hit me hardest. Just about every music publication on the internet has written their tribute to Tom, so I didn’t want to rewrite what everybody else has said, but it felt wrong of me not […]

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Sunday’s Suggestions 10

Welcome to another edition of Sunday’s Suggestions, with today’s post sent to you from Amsterdam. For me the weekend isn’t over yet and I want to make sure you guys feel the same way with some other suggestions for you. First up S U R V I V E.┬áMany of you will have listened to […]

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